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Do you like using logic to solve problems or adventure games? This is not enough! You also have to trample your opponents and escape from them through the maze. An amazing game with a new and impressive atmosphere and unique characters!

The game that gives unforgettable pleasure.

Play now, develop, compete with your friends and you will love this addictive running game forever!

Who is Astella? Astella is a young and happy boy, a thought in your own head in an adventure confronted by a multitude of enemies for which he must escape and rescue hostages and solve problems hes faced with.

Will he make it to the end, it all depends on you!!!!

PS. How to play, introduction: http://stella.gamesoft.top/how-to-play-happy-runner/

PS. Watch this video (gameplay demo): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWJ6hvkeI3Y

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